Can't view the video?

We recommend using the latest Flash version.
That should be fine, but if you're still having trouble you can uninstall and reinstall Flash by downloading
the files from these 2 links:

Still experiencing problems? If you are still experiencing problems there are further tips at this help page.
Still can't view the video? You may have firewall problems. Some corporate networks restrict the use of Flash
(among other things). You can either forward the link to your personal computer at home, or perhaps speak to your IT
department about allowing the use of Flash on your corporate network.

Is the video jerky or slow?

Our video player is an intelligent piece of kit. It will not only sniff your device and play the appropriate file type but also
sniff your connection speed and stream the appropriate file quality. Thus you should not notice too many problems
when viewing our videos. Our videos are edited to appear best full screen - so click on the icon at the bottom right of the
player. Sometimes it does sniff a connection speed lower than you might average so if you are seeing a bad quality and
you think it could be better try restarting the video.