Things going bump in the night..? It’s probably just one of our photographers getting some gorgeous twilight stills, and giving you that show-stopping shot.

Night time photography gives a marketing campaign that extra special edge that really captures a buyer’s attention. Used for a surprising variety of properties, a night time shoot can really give potential buyers the feel of gaining a sneak peek into a home, drawing attention to features and characteristics that are often hidden during the day.

City and town properties can be given a contemporary feel and views across cityscapes can be appreciated in a whole new light. Glittering rivers or silhouettes of landmark buildings not only show off an impressive view, but can add a personal touch, allowing buyers to see a home in a way that isn’t often available to them.

Country homes can be seen in all their elegance, and cute cottages are made to seem even cosier, taking advantage too of their expansive rural settings. Glorious sunsets, quirky outbuildings and extravagantly lit swimming pools are but a few of the stills captured by our photographers so far. Always on the search for a new project, we love the challenges that come with night time photography, pulling on a whole new set of skills and really allowing our photographers to get creative and work their magic.

With our longstanding ‘photography first’ ethos, and with the days grow sadly shorter, it seems logical to make the most of the talents on offer. Taking photography to a whole new level, let’s see if we can get you to love these after dark shoots as much as we do.