A while back we put up a post concerning the growing interest in drone photography, and the work we had begun to do in the field. The popularity of drone photography has grown dramatically, and our tried and tested photographers have managed to achieve some really amazing things. So much is its success, ehouse rolled out the drone video where sky high videos are shot, processed and edited all in a high definition and to a high standard.

Our marketing campaign for the historic Lifeboat Station caught the attention of the media, being featured in the London Metro (brightening up our commutes!), as well as coverage in the Daily Mail.

Coverage in the Metro

In print, only the stills could really be appreciated but we thought we’d show you just how much we can achieve:

Our coverage has spread meaning we have more photographers readily available, so speak to the sales team or to your account manager if you think you have a property that might benefit from a tailor made drone video.