From time to time, a furry friend finds their way into some of our photographs. These adorable animals rarely make into the brochures and aren’t often seen. While a field of sheep, or a stable full of horses may sometimes cut the bill, there are the few that are left out of the limelight. Thus, we have compiled a little montage – from cats and dogs, to emus and llamas, it seems our photographers lenses are just drawn to them, and some of these shots are too good to be forgotten. Presenting to you an (almost) exclusive preview, here we have the animals of ehouse:

These birds clearly rule the roost, surveying the grounds, and enjoying an afternoon of champagne in the sun

A little brown goat pops out to say Hey

And a curious family of sheep watch us take in the landscape

See if you can spot the dog

Who doesn’t love a line of frolicking llamas?

This cat keeps an eye on our photographer, making sure he does a good job and he reminds him to include the most important aspect of the property of course…

You don’t need a beach to sunbathe!

And finally, this adorable family enjoys this lovely holiday resort.