The Hotshoe Platform

Our one of a kind online ordering system

Hotshoe Platform

Hotshoe is a workflow tool for your team that is easily embedded in to your businesses. It offers end-to-end visibility of all your orders in real-time, saving you time, admin and money without compromising on the quality of service that ehouse has long been associated with. It's easy for your clients too! They can make appointments 24/7 from their device of choice, and visits are offered seven days per week in most areas of the country. Using the Hotshoe platform, appointments are booked quicker and properties visited faster, giving you more free time to focus on winning new business.

What will happen? 

As soon as a new instruction goes live with your team, your client gets a message with a live diary to choose a suitable time slot for their appointment, whether it be for photography, a Matterport virtual reality tour, a floorplan or a combination of our service lines. The system is intelligently designed to ensure the offered slots are the right length of time according to the size of the property and the nature of the work. Once a time is confirmed, one of the photographers, Virtual Reality scanners, floor planners, Assessors or other specialists that work with us are instantly assigned to the job. Your team is alerted immediately and your Hotshoe account is updated. The moment the photographer leaves the property, your client can rate them online and our photos and other digital assets are sent back to you as soon as the order has passed through our QC teams.

Why Hotshoe? 

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, keeping abreast of technological changes that actually drive improvements to the customer experience are key. Many clients now want to be more active in the management of the marketing of their property, they wish to do this at varying hours (not just Mon-Fri 9-5!) and they want to interact with service providers through a variety of devices; mobiles, phones, email. Hotshoe enables you to offer all this to your client at no cost to you, and also have the confidence that the service being delivered is also best in class. Many leading property companies are using the platform each and every day for their workflow and have found that appointments get booked up to 2 working days earlier, end clients are more satisfied with their experience and have realised real cost savings in their operational delivery teams.   


One of the most important features the logic handles is to ensure that we are providing sufficient availability to meet your requirements. Choice is essential, we aim to offer what best suits you and your vendor, whether that be a morning, midday or afternoon appointment. Wherever possible, our goal is to have at least one appointment available per day through each week (including weekends) so that when someone is home, we can be there too.


Behind the scenes, each of the professional photographers working with us has a mobile interface that provides 24 hour, 7 day a week access to our systems. Through this, they can check upcoming appointments, update their diaries and contact our in-house team. The system is so sophisticated that it has met the government standards for research and development (R&D) tax grants.

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