A day in the life of... an ehouse Customer Service Manager

The Customer Service Managers at ehouse are your front of house help for any problems you entail. They have a wide variety of skills and knowledge about the business and are able to help with any query you may have.

The team are your first point of contact, often handling several things at once, from answering phones, replying to emails and also sending the brochures to print!
We catch up with one of our most experienced Customer Service Managers, Holly, for a behind the scenes peek at what her day-to-day entails…

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and how it ties in with what you do at ehouse?

A: I have worked in customer service for over 9 years in a variety of different roles, beginning as a receptionist in a Leisure Centre. I have worked at ehouse for 2 years now and only enhanced my skills, we deal with so many different queries and issues through the day, it really keeps you on your toes! I enjoy having so many different things to do and talking to different people, there is always something more you can learn.

Q: What does a typical day at ehouse look like?

A: The office opens at 9am, but I am often here before to get things settled and so I am ahead of the game, but it usually begins for me with a big coffee! I start by handling the emails we have received, in our own inbox but also the general sales inbox, which is a variety of things to handle such as print requests, new orders and invoice queries. I also handle the image quality control, so I spend the morning checking images and sending them out to clients when they are ready. At 9am we turn our phones on ready to start the day.

Once our image quality check has been completed, I begin updating and interacting on the ehouse social media accounts, this includes Instagram and Twitter, along with this blog! We share our photography and social events, along with clips of our Matterport tours. I try to keep this updated with new material a few times throughout the day.

Q: What is the work environment like?

A: We are very lucky to have a close office, where we listen to music whilst we work and have great relationships with each other. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, we recently moved into a WeWork office, a shared space, located in Liverpool Street. There are a lot of things to do around in the area, and WeWork often put on social events such as comedy nights which are great fun to do. We spend a lot of time after work just relaxing and chatting.

Q: What are the best and most challenging parts of working for ehouse?

A: The best part are the people we work with, we are all very close and have a laugh during work. The challenging parts can be during the busy periods, when we have a variety of different problems with orders, printing or invoices and are trying to investigate these, rectify them whilst handling incoming calls, when it’s busy its very busy! The ability to multitask is essential. I quite enjoy having a variety of different things to do!



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